Monday, May 30, 2011

A Little Boy and his Third Appointment.

Today I went to the doctors to have a check-up and to get my B12 and iron shots.  Of course they lost my vial of B12 and the nurse had to borrow a cc from someone else.  She actually got mad at me for not bringing anymore with me and told me in no certain terms that she wouldn't give me my shot next time.  They lost my vial, not me!  Oh, well.
After I got back to my chair my friend asked me if the needle hurt and nodded at a little boy.  I looked at him and said "It was a piece of cake, I didn't feel a thing".  That was a lie, she is a stabber, lol.  As he was called into the "needle room" I found out that today was the third time that he and his parents had come for him to get his vaccinations.  He had freaked out so badly the first two times that his Mom put on the brakes and stopped him from getting his shots.  I had a real problem with that.  The first time that they went, and with the Mother telling the nurse to stop because he was losing his mind in fear and not going through with, the Mom made it sound like it was going to be a bigger and worse deal than it really was   No wonder he was ten times more afraid the second time around.  Again he was so out of control that he didn't have it done.  By today the poor kid was completely terrified because of his Mom's reaction, not because of the needle.  I don't have children, but if I was ( I should say when I was) freaking out about having needles and i.v.'s, if my Mom or Dad would have stopped it from happening because of my fears, it would have built up in my mind to the size of a giant and I would have become ten times more afraid than I was in the beginning.  They should have just bit the bullet, held him down and stuck him.  In the end the nurse gave him a local anesthetic, a NEEDLE, to make sure the NEEDLE didn't hurt.  What part of that makes sense?  Eventually he came out with a lollipop, sniffling and if looks could kill I would be dead.

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