Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feeding Time 2

In my last post I wrote about the tube-feeding that I have had.  There is another way that I was given nutrition when I needed it but also needed bowel rest.  It's called Total Parenteral Nutrition or TPN for short.

Unlike the tube feeding, this type completely by-passes the gastrointestinal tract and is given by I.V..  It can be used for short term or long term.

The i.v. site needs to be changed regularly and my veins are so small that I had a central line put in that could stay in as long as I needed it.  This is what the picture above shows.  The i.v. is put into the vena cava and the nutrients are absorbed through the blood.

My doctor gave me some meds to make me drowsy when he inserted it, and then to make sure it was placed properly they took an x-ray.

People can have these in as out-patients, however a home nurse has to come often to check for complications.  I have been in hospital and out with this type of feeding.

Complications can be fatal, but these occurrences are rare.  Some complications are infections of the i.v. catheter, blood clots and gall bladder problems.

Personally I prefer this type of feeding.  It is painless and there is no tube shoved in my nose.

My next post will be about preparing for my first bowel surgery.  

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