Sunday, June 13, 2010

What An Inspiration!

I have a friend that really inspires me, and I have never met her face to face.
That is one of the things that I really enjoy about Twitter, being able to meet people from all over the world that you would never have been able to meet in any other way.
I have a lot of Twitter friends that are incredible people, but she is different.

We all have our crosses to bear, those things in our lives that we feel we have to deal with and overcome. Whether it is a dysfunctional family upbringing, a traumatic event, a mental or physical illness etc. These issues can be very hard to get past.

My friend has Cancer, and she is my Champion.
She doesn't feel sorry for herself, or sit around feeling defeated, she has fought it the whole way with surgery and treatments. Even when her body is weakened from her treatments she still thinks of other people and their needs. If you were to read her tweets you wouldn't even know that she is sick. She is a truckers advocate, is passionate about the plight of the soldiers fighting for our freedoms, and has an amazing sense of humour.

I want to be more like her. I write this blog and am writing my book to try to help other people with Crohn's Disease, their friends and family members, and to spread awareness of the disease. But I could, and should be doing so much more. Some Cancers, especially if not caught in time or the ones that are treatment resistant, can be terminal. My disease isn't, there is not any real chance that I could die. So like her I should live everyday to it's fullest! I need to be doing more to make the world a better place to live like she does, find more things to be passionate about like she is, and do more with my life, and take better care of myself.

She has experienced the love of a good pet, a great man, and the love of The Lord. So many people love her, she is an amazing person that has touched so many peoples lives. She is strong and brave and has taken her Cancer by the horns.

I pray everyday that she wins her battle because this world is a better place with her in it. But if God calls her home, she will have left a huge fingerprint. On the world, on her friends and on my heart.


Jeryn said...

That is truly an inspirational person. Think positive and be thankful that you are at least alive in this world. There are so many people out there that have it worse than you. Live everyday to the fullest; otherwise what are we living for?

Phanti said...

She is amazing!
And you are right. Seeing her passion has made me realize my lack of it. I'm waking up everyday now asking myself what I can do to make my life and others better. xoxo

Debra La Chelle Dupree said...

Phanti, Every now and then, God places people in our lives for His purpose and we benefit in our own ways. I know her well. I refer to her as my sister from another mother. Her spirit and heart are contagious and mostly everyone who meets her, loves her. Those who do not, simply do not have a compatible heart and were not meant to as we do. You are awesome to acknowledge her spirit and heart, Phanti. You have an awesome heart yourself that allows you to recognize the excellence in others. God Bless You!

Tracy Lynn said...

Hi Phanti,
I didn't even know you had a blog, or did I? After that last surgery they left a hole in my head and info leaks out of it (that's my story & I'm sticking with it).
You also are a warrior and an inspiration to me. I do enjoy 'tweeting' with you. I will share one piece of advice about doctors. Once upon a time I would go see a doctor & let him/her run the visit, that is no longer the case. Now before I see a new doctor I check his background, record, schooling ect. so by the time I get there I know who I'm dealing with. I do not allow a doctor to come in and immediately take charge, I make it crystal clear that we will be working as a team and I will be researching everything that he recommends prior to agreeing to it. If he can't handle that on the first visit, there is no second visit. In fact when I schedule the first appointment I tell them on the phone I am only scheduling a consultation, not an exam. It's cheaper that way if he turns out to be a doctor with a huge ego (there are many) I tell him, "thank you but this was just an interview and you are not hired". I know this sounds snobby to some people but this is my body, my life, I decide who gets to treat it.
You are correct, many people have their own crosses to bear. It's like the old parable, "I once knew a man that felt sorry for himself because he had no shoes, until he met a man who had no feet".
On the cancer ward I see babies fighting cancer like champions, I see women fighting it alone because their husband's couldn't handle it and left them. I am thankful to have had Mike by my side through this entire journey, he is my rock.
When I see people with Alzheimer's disease I bow my head and raise my hands to thank God for what I do have.
I don't know how, or when, this journey will end. I do not focus on the end. I focus on the journey. I open my eyes every morning and thank God for this new day that He has given me. I look for things that make me happy, or that will make someone else happy because that's what life is for.
Sorry, I didn't set out to write a book here but you know how I tend to ramble on.
Let me leave you with this. Make sure you're straight with God, then enjoy the journey. I know that my journey will end at some point. When it does, please do not mourn for me because, Oh what a day my first day in heaven will be! Until then,
Joshua 24:15.. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Stay strong, Look up. Laugh, Love, Live!
Tracy Lynn ♥

Phanti said...


It amazes me everyday how close I feel to you and tlp. God really does work in mysterious ways.
Thank you so much for being here commenting, mentoring me and giving me the confidence to know I can do anything. It means so much to me.

Phanti said...

Tracy Lynn,

You have the absolute best outlook on life and a wonderful sense of humour.
The Lord really works in mysterious ways and I am so blessed that he has brought us together.
I learn something new from you everytime we "tweet" or I read your blog, thank you for being you.
And thank you for helping me grow as a person.